Member Benefits

Legal Defense Plan

Active and Associate FOP members who are employed by a government agency are eligible to enroll in the FOP Legal Defense Plan. This coverage can include civil and criminal coverage for duty related events, as well as the option to add administrative coverage. 

For more information on the Legal Defense Plan or to sign up, go to:

Retired Concealed Carry Legal Plan

Retired Members who qualify for LEOSA are eligible for the Retired Concealed Carry Coverage, which provides unlimited coverage for civil and criminal claims associated with legal carrying and/or use of a concealed weapon. 

For more information on the Retired Concealed Carry Coverage, go to:

Discounted College

Discounted tuition is available at several colleges and universities.

Scholarship Opportunities

FOP Members and their families are eligible for scholarship opportunities through the Wisconsin State FOP.

Officer Distress Fund

The FOP Fox Valley Area has a dedicated Officer Distress Fund to be used to assist any officer needing assistance.

Dominic Hall Training Fund

The Fox Valley FOP has a fund available to bring expert trainers in for area law enforcement officers.

Accidental Death & Disability Insurance

The WI State FOP provides Accidental Death & Disability insurance to all members.

Insurance Discounts

FOP Members can receive discounts through Liberty Mutual, Aetna Medicare Advantage, Cippola Insurance, and Colonial Life.

FOP Journal

The FOP Journal is the monthly publication of the National Fraternal Order of Police, with reports from the Executive Board, committees, updates on legislative and labor issues, and more.

FOP Connect

FOP Connect is an expanded online version of the FOP Journal, available to FOP members only.

FOP University

Discounted tuition is available at a variety of colleges through the FOP University Consortium.

And Many More!

For a list of additional FOP benefits, go to: